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Best Blenders On A Budget

Sometimes it all comes down to eating healthy and saving time. With everything that is going on nowadays, we hardly get time to do the simple things. You have appointments, meetings, work, kids and a whole other bunch of things to take care of. What other better way of staying healthy and saving time is there, if not a good blender. You could create healthy, tasty smoothies in no time and still keep up with your busy schedule. Before you buy the best blenders that suits you, try to imagine what you would enjoy eating. Vitamix is one of the most popular best blenders, you might have seen it in advertisements and shows from time to time. It however comes at a very steep price, if you are on a budget then it is definitely not for you. Let say you are not on a budget, would you be willing to spend a whole lot of money on a kitchen appliance. Most people won’t, this is quite understandable and any ordinary person should not go for it. It is necessary though to get a high-powered blender, you don’t want a cheap blender that will burn out so quickly. Buying many cheap blenders over a short period of time could eventually turn out to be more expensive than high end blenders. Before you go buying a blender, things you should consider include the following: 

  1. Size andStyle 

The size of the blender you choose depends on your preference and the quantities of smoothies you will be needing. For family use, you would be better off with the conventional size. For personal use, a personal blender may be just right for you. Pick a style that appeals to you, that you would be comfortable having for a very long time.

  1. Speed andPower

When it comes to blenders, the higher the speed the more powerful the motors. in order to crush thick vegetables into beverages, you need a blender with a lot of speed. This also helps crush ice and nuts faster. 

  1. CleaningAbility

A dirty blender is no good to you especially if you don’t have close to one hour for cleaning it. Devices with just a little bit more of horse power are easier to clean than the generic blenders. The best blenders you should have, are the ones you can clean easily and faster. 

  1. RemovableBlade

A good blender should have a blade that can be easily removed. This allows for easy cleaning since remnants get trapped here. A removable blade will also help you clean the container easily by throwing it in a dishwasher.

The above details should help you identify the best blenders, and they should not cost above $150. Once you identify then, you may want to take a quick look at our recommendations.  

  1. Williams ImmersionBlender 

It has supper horse power and strength, creating your smoothies in seconds. As incredible as it sounds, It has a nine and a quarter inch long shaft. This is a good buy for people who need their smoothies made fast. 

  1. Cuiinart’sBlender with food processor 

Although it is slightly expensive, it is a trusted brand with a smart design. It also includes a small food processor unit. In addition, two 16 ounces travel cups come as bonus. 

  1. Cooks 5-in-16-pieceMetallic Power Blender 

This is a quick and relatively cheaper buy but very efficient and fast. You can quickly make yourself a smoothie or soup. It is ideal for office, beach and lake house use. 

  1. Hamilton Beach Stay or Goblender

It is suitable for single personal use, You, therefore don’t need to clean a big pitcher jag that you clearly don’t need. It can also grind hard cheese and puree sauces.

  1. Omega BL330R 1-HP

It has an efficient 1 horse power motor that can easily create smoothies, soup and ice beverages. The best feature is that you can control speed, strength and consistency.

  1. Crux 7-speedBlender

It has over 1 power horse motor that can whip up almost everything you dial it to. You could easily get through ice, frozen vegetables and fruits in under a minute with this blender. It also has a stainless steal blade that is easy to wash.

  1. Black Decker Power Crush Digital QuietBlender

If you want to make a smoothie or shake without much noise. It has three preset functions to ease your work. With the appropriate knowledge you can easily decide exactly which is the best blender for you. Go get your blender today and start living healthy. 

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