The calorie is the term commonly used to express energy obtained from food. Your capacity to do work is represented as energy. This article will review some aspects of calories. The definition of a calorie, how calories get into your food, and how your body utilizes calories are some of the aspects that this article covers. Furthermore, this article also provides you with some activities that you can try out to burn the highest number of calories

What are Calories?

A calorie, as mentioned earlier, is a measure of energy. In other words, it is heat energy needed to raise the temperature of 1g of water by 1c. Different definitions of the term calorie exist, like Stedman’s. In this article, we will calorie as an expression for energy stored in the foods you eat and energy utilized in physical activity.

Calories Burned Formula

There exist various formulae to calculate calories burned. These include the Mifflin-St Jeor Equation, Harris-Benedict Equation, and the Katch-McArdle Formula. Mifflin-St Jeor Equation estimates the Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR), the energy used daily at rest. Mifflin-St Jeor Equation is considered the most accurate and is as below:

BMR = 6.25 × height(cm) + 10 × weight(kg) – 5 × age(y) + 5 For men
BMR = 6.25 × height(cm) + 10 × weight(kg) – 5 × age(y) – 161 For women

To obtain a more realistic figure, the value obtained using this formula is multiplied by a factor (usually 1.2-1.95). This is an activity factor and is also dependent on your physical activity levels.

The Katch-McArdle Formula is used to calculate the RDEE (Resting Daily Energy Expenditure) by factoring in lean body mass. If you are lean and know your body fat percentage, this formula is usually more accurate for you.


List of Workout that Burns the Most Calories

Before getting into the activities, it is essential to know the recommended levels of activity. Adults should work out their entire body muscles at least 2 hours weekly with moderate-intensity aerobics. Increasing the duration of the times you are physically active as well as activity intensities will help in improving your health and in controlling your body weight. Additionally, children and teenagers should be encouraged to be physically active daily for at least an hour.

However, you should be aware that each person’s body has different needs when it comes to exercise and calories. So, don’t strain yourself when working out. Moreover, knowing the number of calories you ingest through drinks and meals will help you achieve an energy balance. Also, counting calories tells you in you are gaining, losing or maintaining your weight. This helps in scheduling the intensity and duration of physical activities you undertake.

Here are some of the activities you can try.

1. Sprint Intervals

Swimming, running, or biking at a steady rate burns a lot of calories. However, increasing this rate burns even more calories. You can alternate between an all-out pace and jogging the next time you go out for a run.

2. Burpees

Burpees are full body exercises that are a piece of cake when doing a couple of the exercises. On the other hand, continuously squatting down, doing push-ups, and jumping can give you a serious work-out. In this way, burpees burn some serious calories.

3. Tabata Training

Tabata exercises involve all-out pace for 20 seconds followed by a recovery period of 10 seconds. You can repeat this process up to eight times. Tabata training can also be incorporated in any workout, to burn a lot of calories within a short period.

4. Cross-country Skiing

Cross-country skiing can also be as intense as running. However, the difference is you are using your arms, legs and a ski. Your energy expenditure rate increases even more when you are going uphill compared to the flat.

5. Rock Climbing

From your fingertips to your toe ends, all the muscles in your body works when you are rock climbing. You can climb in the great outdoors or the climbing gym, either way, you burn a lot of calories climbing a challenging route or climbing at a testing pace.

6. Rowing

When rowing, you use nine major muscle groups; hamstrings, shoulders, glutes, quads, core, back, lats, triceps, and biceps. Conditions in which you row and the intensity of your rowing determine the number of calories you burn.

7. Swimming

Swimming is one of the best cardio exercises for burning calories. Your entire body works to keep you afloat. Your swimming style, like breaststroke or butterfly, dictate how much calories you burn. Moreover, the condition of the water also plays an important role, like swimming against the ocean current.

8. Jumping Rope

Jumping rope may have seemed effortless in your youth. But it can be quite taxing when done for an extended period and at high intensity. The longer and more intensely you jump rope, the more calories you burn.

9. Hill Workouts

Most exercises done on a flat surface can be made more challenging by doing them on a steep hill. You burn more calories on a steep incline than on a flat surface. The next time you go running or biking with buddies, compete to see who is the king of the hill. Its great fun, and a great workout.

10. Jogging

You probably avoid running because it is hard. However, running is one of the best calorie-burning activities you should have a go at. Running steadily burns a lot of calories. But, running faster and for longer will burn plenty of calories.


You can keep track of the calories you burn using fitness trackers and monitors. Time is not an excuse not to exercise. You can do intense workouts for short periods of time and still burn a lot of calories. Set personal goals, drink healthy meal replacement shakes and push yourself beyond your limits to achieve a healthier body. Moreover, you will lose some extra pounds and attain a leaner body like that of a runway model.



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